Signature Sleep Gold 10" Revive 5 Zone Independently Encased Coil Mattress




Curl up to the 10” Revive 5-Zone coil mattress from Signature Sleep, built to relieve and rejuvenate your body’s five key zones: your head/shoulders, upper body, spine, lower body, and legs. What’s more, hundreds of independently encased coils provide equal weight distribution, contouring the curves of your body to relieve pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Plus, because of how this mattress is designed, even if your partner tosses and turns, the coils will react only to the pressure directly applied to them - no more motion disturbance! The coil system also comes with a tailored design that helps improve circulation while providing complete, personalized body support. Choose from full, queen and king sizes to meet your specific needs.

Model #: 6075429

UPC: 029986607546


  • The 5-Zone Coil System relieves pressure along five specific zones of the body: head/shoulder, upper body, spine, lower body and legs
  • For added comfort, the 5-Zone Coil system has a tailored design which helps improve circulation and provides a complete, personalized body support.
  • Independently encased coils provide an equal weight distribution by contouring the curves of your body, relieving pressure points along your neck, shoulders, back and hips. Each coil works independently of the others, only reacting to the pressure that is directly applied to the particular spring, giving greater comfort and support. The most popular benefit is that it minimizes partner disturbance so you won’t wake up when you or your partner tosses and turns or gets in and out of bed during the night.
  • 7” – 15 gauge independently encased coils
  • Full: 682 coils,Queen: 792 coils, King: 1023 coils
  • 1.5” Convoluted Foam and 1.5” High Density Foam
  • Soft cover, made of 100% Polyester
  • Meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633
  • Mattress is shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed in a double lid carton. Allow 48 hours for the bedding to expand to its proper size and shape
  • 15-year limited warranty

Product Measurements

Width: 80"

Depth: 60"

Height: 10"

Weight: 84 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

Weight:95 lbs.

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