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  • “This is the best online purchase I've made in a long time. We bought it for our guest bedroom. It arrived at my doorstep in a package about the same size as a 5x8 rug in a nice bag with handles on it. Removing it from the packaging was the most challenging part - you might want 2 people to pull it out of the bag since it is packed tightly. As soon as you cut the wrapping it expands to the full 8" mattress height. It's pretty cool to watch, and without the headache of borrowing a big vehicle, tying a mattress to the roof, and praying it doesn't fly off on the ride home!
    I guess it might be a pain to return if you were dissatisfied with the quality, but that wasn't an issue since it was top notch for the price (or even for a $100 more)!”— Kelli B.
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this mattress (Memoir 12)!  Before I ordered it I read lots of reviews on different websites and it was highly recommended.  I've had it since the end of November and look forward to going to bed at night.  This mattress has delivered on comfort and I would tell anyone to buy it.  Thanks!!”— Carrie
  • “I was hesitant at first to buy a rolled and vacuum sealed mattress, but so glad I did. I've had the Memoir 12 for a few months now, and it’s awesome. It gives plenty of support with great comfort; I never want to get out of bed in the morning. I would recommend this mattress to everyone!”— Anthony R
  • “Okay, picking a mattress is not my ideal way to spend any day, but thanks to Signature Sleep that decision was a lot easier. We recently had the chance to review Signature Sleep's 8” RenewFoam Coil Mattress and I have to say I am in love.

    The UPS man had dropped it off and asked what it was? My husband said it was our queen mattress, for our room. He gave us a crazy look and said he would be surprised if a mattress was really in there. My husband and I opened it up...sure enough, as soon as the bag was cut the mattress sprung into action filling out BEAUTIFULLY! This mattress is perfect, soft enough yet still firm. You don't feel every spring like some mattress sets. This is our first memory foam mattress and I can say without a doubt we will never have any other kind on our bed now after this.

    My husband has always had the problem of me waking him up constantly tossing and turning in the middle of the night because of my hip replacements and restless leg syndrome on top of that, but now after a week he says he is sleeping better and I don't wake him up 5-6 times a night. And my experience has been nothing but pleasant, I haven't woke up in the morning with all those usual aches and pains. Which is a huge plus in my book, because the better the night sleep, the better you feel the next day.I would highly recommend Signature Sleep Mattress's to anyone looking for a more restful sleep experience or anyone with health problems such as mine. What a sleep saver this mattress has been for my husband and myself.”— Cyndee Wells
  • “Essential 6...I was really impressed with the way it is used. I also like that it comes in white or black!”— Leticia Zamora
  • “Enjoyed learning the 10 different simple sleep tips. Going to give this a try! Between these tips and having a new mattress from you should get myself some good nights sleep for a long time to come!”— Shelly Wooten
  • “Thank you Signature Sleep!! My Memoir 12 mattress is everything I could have hoped for and then some. I consider myself a smart shopper, and after tons of research, I chose to go with Signature Sleep. The reviews I read were absolutely correct. I never imagined premium quality was available at these prices.”— Manny D
  • “Who would've thought 8" of vacuum-sealed mattress would be the best thing I've slept on in years!?!!!
    I needed something affordable AND comfortable. Discovered the Signature Sleep Contour 8" queen mattress! Word of caution- the package is heavy, but it can be dragged to bed if help isn't available.  Opening the pkg. was a hoot!!! My 81 year old mother was especially tickled, stating: "Well look at that! I've never seen anything like that in my life! A vacuum-sealed mattress in a bag! Just... brilliant!"
    Once in place, mattress fit my platform bed frame perfectly.  Mattress is well made, clean, white and pretty. A slight (newness) odor disappeared w/in a few hours. It took my mattress about 2 days to expand to its full 8". I slept on it the day it came though and had no problems. It is quiet- no springy squeaks.  My linen and bed pads fit it to a tee. Don't know about anybody else's, but my queen mattress expanded to 81"L x 62"W x 8"H. That's a few extra inches over a standard 80 x 60 queen size mattress. I'd previously shopped at all the usual places for a reasonably priced queen size mattress and all were in the $300.00 and beyond range. This mattress is just as comfortable as any of those higher priced/name brand mattresses. And this one shipped right to my door!!!  This is a GREAT product!”— Vickie K
  • “I like that the Signature 13 is made with so many layers of "technology" including close to 10 inches of 15-gauge independently encased coil springs, almost 1 1/2 lbs. of high density foam that cradles to your body for a better nights sleep, 3 Zone Foam around the edges for extra comfort, memory foam memory top for even more comfort, and to top it off rayon from bamboo cover for a great feel and good night's sleep!”— Tammy Woodall
  • “My first night with my new mattress was amazing. I was afraid it would take a little while to get used to it, but it didn't. I slept so good! I woke up once to get a drink and usually if I wake up, It takes forever to get comfy again, but not now. Thank You Signature Sleep!”— Niki
  • “I ordered this mattress a few months ago and have been sleeping on air since.  I absolutely love it.  Part of me wishes I had sprung for the memory foam line at the time but I can't imagine how anything could possibly be more comfortable!  The individually encased coils give me the perfect amount of support and allow me to move in and out of bed without disturbing my wife. I also love how it was delivered, all rolled up in a duffle bag for easy carrying.  Just get the bag in place and unwrap it and in no time it's a perfectly formed Queen sized mattress!  Thank you so much for redefining sleep for me!  Signature Sleep is the best!”— Geoffrey T